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If you want smut then you've got it This story was disappointing and creepy. Maya Banks is one of my favorite authors, but this story fell short and was difficult to finish.

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The relationship between Talia and these men disturbed me and the story line felt unrealistic. The expectations the prince had of a sweet, virginal, young woman and the position he put her in to get her compliance in the beginning of the story just made him seem like a creepy sexual predator. Anything he did from that point on, just served to reinforce that id This story was disappointing and creepy. Anything he did from that point on, just served to reinforce that idea.

His kindnesses just seemed like manipulations to insure her continued cooperation. The author may have been telling us Prince Xander loved Talia, but it just never felt like he really did. Talia may have been telling us she felt cherished and pampered, but that just made her appear like a naive victim. I believe the author was shooting for a Prince Charming sweeping in and saving Cinderella type story.

Qual Cosa Di Bono (Italian Edition)

That's hard to achieve when the prince subjects his Cinderella to medical exams to insure her virginity and contracts to gain and keep her sexual compliance. On top of that he has dark sexual proclivities and expects her to satisfy not only his sexual desires, but the sexual desires of all 3 of his bodyguards without question and without hesitation. Not exactly most women's idea of Prince Charming. In the end when she agrees to marry him, my mind was screaming "no, no, run away, run fast and never look back. One day she will wake up, see things for how they really are and hate the life she's chosen for herself.

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Prince Xander, in this story, fits the stereotype of a sexual predator more closely than he fits the stereotype of Prince Charming. That's why I think so many women, including myself, came away from this story feeling unsettled. Probably the highest rating I give a novella. It is a fantasy though. It has very little reality in the story. A prince and 3 security guards find their princess.

It was a great modern erotic fairy tale. It suited my mood at the time, but if you are looking for a story with reality and common sense this is not the book for you. Books like this are the reason I love Maya Banks. Maya Banks wrings the fantasies right out of me! I re-read them so many times there's no way to keep track. Mar 31, Amanda S.

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One thing for sure, this story could be a whole lot better if the main characters are just a Hero and a heroine. Like seriously, the additional Heroes is not necessary and to be honest didn't do much except fulfilling the main Hero's fantasy. Definitely not the best Maya Banks menage themed books I've read and I've read plenty before. The chemistry in this one is not Strong enough. Yeah, look forward to read Maya's books soon!

I didn't feel like the connection between the men was nuanced and developed enough to make the relationship real. It felt like a fantasy but not really a fantasy-come-to-life. Apr 18, Shhhh Convos about Sex. Big misunderstanding. I guess. The story somewhat abruptly ends.

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The crap this girl went thru at the hands of the men who ''loved'' her, was upsetting. But what was worse to me was that after two months with no contact, the demand her presence to apologize and she accepts so quickly I wanted to scream. They could have just told her for fucks sake!!! Of course I wanted her to end up with the men but perhaps not sooo dang easily.

God, maybe I'm just a bitch. I can't relate to this 'heroine', and I think that's a lot of what an author strives for. It was HOT, and sweet and interesting It is a rare occurrence that I find myself so completely ensnared in a book.

I have to take a break and look at the reviews online to see if other people also were annoyed by that thing. With this book? That was not the case. I was completely enraptured by this book from start to finish. Literally a great read. Definitely look It is a rare occurrence that I find myself so completely ensnared in a book. Definitely looking forward to more books by this author in the future. She conducts research in content-based instruction and classroom language acquisition. She teaches a wide range of courses from Italian language and linguistics to doctoral seminars on the history of second language teaching.

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I gesti italiani: How to speak Italian without saying a word Leggiamo! Italiani famosi Scriviamo! Mi piace Facebook! Bla, bla, bla! Strategie di comunicazione Come stai? Come sta? Come va? Asking someone's nationality Lessico Sono allegro! Describing people, places, and thingsStrutture2. Adjectives 2. The verbs essere to be and avere to have 2. Possessive adjectives Cultura Ascoltiamo!

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